The Sweetest Thing

Inspired by a friend’s trip back to PA this week for an interview, I thought it was about time to write about my week in…

Windows Phone_20140323_012

Tons of people I met in college had been to Hershey Park before (being native Pennsylvanians), but I never got to visit the Sweetest Place On Earth until about 8 months into my job when I got sent for training. I use “training” loosely; we mostly just got to meet awesome people in the company and have a lot of fun. It didn’t hurt that I had Jordan, my Hershey partner-in-crime, with me, either.



After waking up super early on a Sunday, grabbing our first flight out of Austin, transferring to a puddle jumper full of Penn State students and staff going to Harrisburg, then getting a ride from a cute old Milton Hershey School graduate once we landed, we finally arrived at the Hotel Hershey. This is where I got the BEST greeting I’ve ever heard in my life:

“Would you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?”

Obviously, this place and I were meant to be.

We THEN were told that we’d be staying in the brand new cabins built behind the hotel.

Windows Phone_20140325_001

Complete with a personal stone fireplace, I might add!

Complete with a personal stone fireplace, I might add!

We made ourselves at home before meeting the whole group for dinner. All details after that are kind of a blur, but the week looked like this…

Chocolate World

Chocolate World

The Hershey Story - What the first machines that made Kisses looked like!

The Hershey Story – What the first machines that made Kisses looked like!

Old ads

Old ads

Windows Phone_20140327_006

Getting advice from ol' Milton himself

Getting advice from ol’ Milton himself

Factory visits (I went to the Reese's plant!)

Factory visits (I went to the Reese’s plant!)

Tasting fresh Reese's cups

Tasting fresh Reese’s cups

Having an awesome(ly catered) game night

Having an awesome(ly catered) game night

And, my favorite, visiting the Milton Hershey School!

And, my favorite, visiting the Milton Hershey School!

Windows Phone_20140327_020

Seriously, this places is better than some colleges I've seen.

Seriously, this places is better than some colleges I’ve seen.

Windows Phone_20140327_024

Windows Phone_20140327_025

I have to say, Hershey’s rock-solid CSR reputation is what drew me to the company in the first place, but getting to actually see where the success of the company goes, in the form of that school and the children it’s helping, made my job instantly worthwhile. I’m not sure how many people know this, but Hershey is aiming to hit $10 billion in revenue for 2017, yet the Milton Hershey School is sitting on over $12 billion right now and has a majority stake in the company. aka we’re not getting sold any time soon, which were exactly Milton’s intentions!

Activities aside, my favorite part of the whole week was getting to connect with people from all over the company – “all over” referring to both departments, geographies, and hierarchies. I met other reps from all over the country (and Canada!), who I keep in contact with to this day. Senior leaders were present at our workshops every day we were there, as well, which was both an honor and an indicator as to how much the company cares about its employees and its future.

photo 1(2)

Hershey girls

Hershey girls

If you didn't get a chance to read The Hershey Press that week, we went to Egypt, too.

If you didn’t get a chance to read The Hershey Press that week, we went to Egypt, too.

All in all, it was an informative and inspiring week that I wish I could participate in every single month. It was hard having to say goodbye to everyone, not knowing when I’d see them again!

What DID help was a little side-trip I had planned…

Windows Phone_20140328_001

Can you guess?

– Alexa


California Love

We went to San Diego!


Why, you ask? Well, first I’d ask you, “why not?”, but “Groupon” would be the easiest answer. Thanks to some distracted browsing at work (ON A BREAK, obviously), we were able to stay at places like this…

… and this…

… without breaking our still-humble bank accounts!

Since we’ve been back, I’ve noticed how many other people I know are going to California for one reason or another (answer: A LOT), and I told Abi and Robby, “I think our generation has Cali fever.” I’ll be the first to admit I’m right in there with everyone else. We had a blast on our trip, and now there’s a 5-year plan in place to all get to the Best Coast SOMEHOW. Because of that, I’m going to show you our trip in the form of a daydream for the future that’s on a constant replay in my head, anyway.

DISCLAIMER: I stole a bunch of pictures from Abi & Robby. Nice job with an iPhone camera, guys.

A Day in the Life

GOOD MORNING! Happy Sunday. Ok, I’d be a *little* happier if I wasn’t so tired from going out with Abi and Robby last night, but the concert we went to was AMAZING! When a band like New Politics is going to be at the House of Blues, you go. End of story.

Windows Phone_20140217_009


Windows Phone_20140217_023

Anyway, it’s a freaking gorgeous day out (as usual), so I need to get out of this place. Meeting the kids for breakfast at our favorite place near Mission Beach.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.54.39 AM

Would you like some avocado with that?

That's non-negotiable.

That’s non-negotiable.

ATE. SO. MUCH. Need to walk it off.



We had enough fuel to get us to Pacific Beach. Might as well chill on the pier and watch the surfers, no?

Windows Phone_20140218_022


… and shamelessly document it because YOLICO (you only live in California once?).


Robby and Abi wanted to run down and touch the water – because that never gets old…


… but my attention is getting pulled elsewhere.

Windows Phone_20140216_024

Oh wait, I know them! VOLLEYBALL BREAK.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.11.24 AM

My team managed to win 21-6 without much of a struggle (hey, this is a daydream, remember?). We’re going to head back towards Mission Beach to clean up and get ready to go downtown later tonight.

Everyone's out!

Everyone’s out!

Windows Phone_20140216_026

Don’t mind boat shopping along the way!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.28.08 AM

Ummm… and making a mimosa stop?

Windows Phone_20140216_013

I did my own thing at home for a bit. Started getting ready until I noticed the sun was setting.

Un. Real.

Un. Real.

Once the magic died down, I ran out to hop in my Uber car to get to rooftop happy hour! My driver is a total hippie. His music is super chill, and he’s giving me sandwich shop recommendations, so I can’t complain.

We stopped to grab the other two on the way, and Robby points out that the driver sounds like a Californian.

(That was your cue to go watch that clip because it’s hilarious.)

BOOM. We’ve arrived. Wine, stat. The fried pickles are calling me from my Texas days. Can’t resist.

Windows Phone_20140218_030

After some chats about how awesome college was, how awesome our current lives are, and how Abi sent me a Facebook message a year before we ever met that I apparently never answered (oh wait, that actually happened), we head to a different place to meet up with some friends and hang out.

Some handsy friends*

Some handsy friends*




You know a place is college classy when there’s a machine that makes vodka/Red Bull slushies.


We’ll end it there.

Windows Phone_20140216_027

Takeaway of this story: This needs to be our lives.

– Alexa

Where We Stayed:
Embassy Suites San Diego Bay
Bahia Hotel Resort

Where We Ate/Drank/Played:
House of Blues San Diego
Saltbox – GOOD tapas bar near the House of Blues; tons of sangria options!
Olive Café – really local feel; cool patio
Swell Café – yummy veggie options; super chill
PB Shore Club – college classy (= not classy)
McFadden’s – Irish party bar. I was a little scared.
Pacific Beach AleHouse – So good, we went twice.
Funky Garcia’s – Good, cheap Mexican food. I got SOYRIZO tacos! ❤
Barleymash – bar in the Gaslamp Quarter
Henry’s Pub – Outdoor seating made for great people watching!

When Hell Freezes Over

Abi and I just got back from a trip to southern California (that post is in the works), and it’s in the 80s and sunny today in San Antonio (sorry to brag), BUT it’s still February = many of you reading this are chilling. Literally. I haven’t written in forever, so I thought I’d use a wintery, icy theme to catch up on everything big that’s happened the past few months.


Let me tell you.

1. Escape to Austin with your roommate from college and warm up with spicy fried pickles and beer at Banger’s on Rainey Street.

You’re right, that doesn’t answer the “what to do in San Antonio” question, but I’m getting there.





2. Grab your co-worker, go out on Sixth Street, and continue the weird pickle theme by making your East Coast roomie try pickle juice shots for the first time ever.

Fairy lights make you forget it's windy and freezing. For a second.

Fairy lights make you forget it’s windy and freezing. For a second.

My minions

My minions


I told you they were real!

3. On your way back from Austin the next day, grab some wood-fired coffee and breakfast tacos from Summermoon, then get a hat and a hug at Buc-ee’s.

Windows Phone_20131123_002


Windows Phone_20131123_004


4. Attempt to sightsee in downtown San Antonio.





Alamo drive-by

Alamo drive-by

5. Give up, and ummmm… drink some more!

Windows Phone_20131124_004


SoHo and Barriba Cantina are both highly recommended. By me. Take that for what it’s worth.


Windows Phone_20131124_006

6. Buy some touristy drug rugs on the Riverwalk, and hang out like it’s a Sunday before classes start again.


7. Exchange a friend for a mommy, and do pretty much the same thing all over!

San Antonio, your margaritas are definitely a redeeming quality. My mom agrees.

San Antonio, your margaritas are definitely a redeeming quality. My mom agrees.

Windows Phone_20131227_004

Windows Phone_20131227_008

Windows Phone_20131227_012

Windows Phone_20131227_015

Windows Phone_20131227_018

Windows Phone_20131227_023

Windows Phone_20131227_024

This time, step it up a notch, and get spiked coffee at Halcyon, which is my true love.

Get some boots to keep them jeans out of the slush!

Get some boots to keep them jeans out of the slush!

8. Do that whole celebrating Christmas thing. That’ll make you all warm and fuzzy.




The Gristmill in Gruene, TX is extra adorable for the holidays!

Windows Phone_20131222_004


9. Throw New Year’s in there, too, while you’re at it.

Windows Phone_20131231_017

Windows Phone_20140101_016

10. Finally, volunteer locally to get the feel-goods flowing and help out some people in need.


Part of Hershey’s Austin district helped out at Morgan’s Wonderland!

As you can see, the list gets a little more wholesome towards the end, but let’s be real, there’s a reason why chilly Russians are stereotyped as big drinkers. San Antonio doesn’t usually have an excuse, but yesterday was National Margarita Day, at least! Stay warm, y’all!

– Alexa

Everything’s STILL Different in Texas

In about a week, I’ll have been living in San Antonio for 7 months. Can you believe that? I think back on how much I accomplished after 6 months in Argentina, and the times don’t even seem comparable. Everything’s been flying by, and I still don’t think I know much about where I am. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking!

It’s about time for another random observation post about Texas, don’t you reckon?

1. My way or the highway… or the “feeder” or the grass between the ramp and the road.

There are several observations I’ve made that all have to do with Texan driving habits and infrastructure, which are as follows:

– Every highway has a frontage road on either side, and I’ve been told you know someone isn’t from Texas when they call it a frontage road (guilty) because it’s a “feeder”. They’re regular roads that have stop lights, but they follow the highway exactly. People who have come to visit see them as unnecessary, but they’re fun to play with when traffic sucks and you want to try beating everyone by getting on and off the ramps.

– Turnarounds are both a blessing and a curse. These are extra lanes far to the left that allow you to make a full U-turn legally. They’re great once you figure out what they’re for, but have fun understanding your GPS when you first get here.

– Even though turnarounds give you DESIGNATED SPACE FOR U-TURNS, Texans turn around whenever they damn well please. Unexpected U-turns galore. Don’t think they need a road, either, because I’ve seen cars drive straight off of a highway or road through the grass to the road they really need on more than one occasion.

– Finally, despite anarchist views towards road rules, everyone drives under the speed limit. Yes, I said UNDER. Being from up North, where everyone’s in a hurry and 5mph over the speed limit is the minimum, this continually baffles me.

2. Aggie rings are a status symbol

Texas A&M alumni are united by an excessively large ring that you WILL be able to see from across a room because that’s exactly what they want you to do.

Taking it up a notch.

Taking it up a notch.

3. White people

Fact: They’re a minority here. I’m totally ok with that, but it’s just never something I’ve experienced in the U.S. Have you ever checked out the Racial Dot Map? It’s pretty cool, so go play with it. The country from afar looks like this…

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 1.05.22 PM

I’ll let you guess what blue represents. San Antonio is the big orange dot in the middle of Texas! If you’re thinking it’s a touchy subject by any means, it’s not. Everyone has a pretty good humor about their Hispanic heritage and embraces stereotypes of it, which I find hilarious. I’ve jokingly said that I’m too white to live here, and people have laughed and agreed that, indeed, albino girls aren’t meant for the Mexican heat.

4. Texans knows what to do with their pickles.

Uhhh no… there was not any sexual innuendo intended there. I don’t know if it’s a Texas thing or a Southern thing, but my taste preferences have been drastically altered since moving here.

Boring fact from Alexa’s past: I used to hate pickles. Fast forward to the present day, and I literally have cravings for fried pickles.

Texas, you're an enabler.

Texas, you’re an enabler.

The best I’ve had were at Banger’s in Austin, which were dill spears coated to perfection and served with spicy buffalo ranch to dip. They are my religion.

ALSO! Pickle juice shots — real life.

– 1.5 oz whiskey (I’ve seen vodka, too.)
– 1.5 oz pickle juice

I dare you.

Speaking of drinking, here are two lovely tidbits I picked up from a coworker at happy hour one day:

“Not only is it ok for you to get two drinks at a time, down here you are EXPECTED to get two drinks at a time. God gave you two hands for a reason.”


“In Texas, alcohol abuse is when you don’t finish your drink.”

Take from that what you will. Or if you don’t feel like thinking, I’d like to guide your assumptions to San Antonio’s 2nd place finish of Drunkest Cities in America. Weeee!

5. Living in Texas basically forces you to listen to country music

You can’t really avoid it when there are just as many country bars as “regular” dive bars and the majority of the live music acts that come in town are twangy and wearing boots. I guess it doesn’t help that my fellow Northerner coworker, Jordan, is a big fan and keeps dragging me to concerts. LIFE’S HARD, HUH?

Can't go wrong with Cowboys Dancehall.

Can’t go wrong with Cowboys Dancehall.

Miranda Lambert's back there somewhere.

Miranda Lambert’s back there somewhere.

6. Iced tea > water

I knew that iced tea was much bigger in the South, especially SWEET iced tea, which is basically sugar water hidden behind the healthy connotation that “tea” provides. I didn’t realize how big it was, though, until I walked into a catered lunch at a work meeting in San Antonio to find iced tea at every table setting where water would normally be. Where did this trend come from? Someone help.

7. “Is that your area code?”

San Antonio’s the 7th largest city in the U.S. and 9th fastest growing (yeah, I was surprised, too). Somehow, despite that, it maintains one area code (210) which makes me feel like I’m back in my little hometown Manhattan, IL where we used to only need to know the last 4 digits of someone’s number to be able to call their house. It’s cute, but I’m a little confused as to how that’s possible.

ANYWAY, that was a real random assortment of Texas/San Antonio facts that in no way connected to each other. Welcome to how my brain works.

If you have explanations for any of these or something else that you’ve noticed, please let me know!

– Alexa

OH, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, y’all! 😀

Everything’s… Different in Texas

HEY, remember that time I said I was moving to San Antonio? Well, that happened. And, woops, almost 3 months has gone by, and none of you have any idea what I’m doing down here. Since we FINALLY FINISHED our coverage of #EuroTrip2013, I have no choice but to fast forward to my current life as a real person working in the state of Texas.

Rather than putting up a bajillion pictures and saying, “this is what I do now!”, I thought I’d write one of our ever favorite Random Observations posts (thanks for the suggestion, Abigail) to give you a feel for what I was greeted with upon stepping out of the Uhaul.

The most basic observation I can make up front is… Texas is practically a different country. If you’ve read more than 2 posts on this blog, you’ve probably gathered that I’m definitely ok with that – I even prefer it! I just didn’t know it was a feeling I could get without a passport. That being said, here are some of the confusing, hilarious, delightful things that I’ve noticed since moving down south:

1. “You guys” = “y’all”. Always. This is so true that I’ve gotten to the point of feeling awkward saying “you guys” out loud, and have switched to “you all”. I’ll be honest, sometimes the words get kind of strung together, but I have yet to commit to the full changeover.

2. I live in a city, so I figured that the country influence wouldn’t be as noticeable as in rural parts of the state, but I quickly realized I was wrong. No one bats an eyelash at the people walking around wearing boots and cowboy hats.

Running errands outfit (PS That's Justin Moore, for you country music haters that don't know.)

Halloween costume? Nope, running errands. (PS That’s Justin Moore, for you country music haters that don’t know.)

Being a farm girl, it didn’t blow my mind too much, but it still makes me giggle when I think about how friends are going to react to this cultural nuance when they come visit (ABI’S COMING NEXT WEEKEND!!). No human can deny how adorable tiny children are in rainbow-colored cowboy boots, though. Creeper pics to come.

Oopsies, look what I bought!

Oopsies, look what I bought!

3. Texas loves Texas more than anywhere else on the planet. Don’t try to convince anyone that there’s anywhere better. Remember that American flag trend I noticed in Europe? Replace that with the Texas flag, and you’ve got it right.

At a Macy's near you! Or, actually, only near me.

At a Macy’s near you! Or, actually, only near me.

Tastes better this way.

Tastes better this way.

I can’t even pretend to estimate the amount of Texas tattoos I’ve seen.

How I’ve noticed the influence of Texas pride in my job is that Hershey reps in Texas call on, mainly, two accounts: Walmart and the local grocery chain, H-E-B. H-E-B is the ONLY company that can legitimately compete with the corporate monster that is Walmart, and I think it has a large part to do with the Texas branding that they know works wonders down here.

4. Everything really is bigger: state pride, school pride, vehicles, food portions, opinions, malls, dancehalls, bugs, religion, barbecue, football… I could go on forever. Don’t believe me? I refer you to an always trustworthy BuzzFeed article.

No, it's not a large; it's a TEXAS-SIZED order of onion rings. I dare you to finish that and live.

No, it’s not a large; it’s a TEXAS-SIZED order of onion rings. I dare you to finish that and live.

Twofer: trucks and dancehalls

Twofer: trucks and dancehalls

5. People actually dance. On my first night out with some girls from Texas, this conversation happened…


I was thinking, “well, you’re right, but that’s a pretty bold claim to make based on what state I’m from.” What she meant was that I didn’t know how to two-step, which was even more true. If you go to any bar, you can expect to see people two-stepping to the country songs. I’ve since learned the basics and been spun around the dance floor a few times, but there’s progress yet to be made.

6. Chivalry is not dead. It’s a small gesture, but when you’re not used to it, having doors held open for you feels like having someone lay a red carpet down at your feet.

Taking it to the extreme.

Taking it to the extreme.

To tie this observation with the one about dancing, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that guys genuinely want to dance when they ask you to do so, and that’s all that it has to be about. I’m not saying there’s never an ulterior motive, but, similar to what we learned about Chileans, they will politely ask you if you’d like to dance, thank you for it when the song ends, and there’s no assumption that you’re then tied to that person for the rest of the evening and need to either give up your number or beat them away with a stick.

Ma'am, may I have this dance?

Ma’am, may I have this dance?

7. It’s not necessarily a Texas-only thing, but I was ecstatic to find out that sand volleyball is a lot more popular down here. I literally don’t know how I would have made friends without it.


If I’m not working, best bet is I’m here.

Dream Team

Dream Team

8. This place is an oven. In preparation for her upcoming trip down here, Abi asked me yesterday, “is it still hot by you?” To which I replied, “upper 90s/low 100s every day.” You decide. Because of this, water is a way of life. No big plans for the weekend? Floating the river easily sucks up a whole day, in the most relaxing way possible.

My 4th of July plans were pretty simple.

My 4th of July plans were pretty simple.

Got the tubes. Got the cooler. Just add water, and you're set!

Got the tubes. Got the cooler. Just add water, and you’re set!

You can be sure to find every other Texas resident out there with you.

Shout out to my Texas-based cousin, Leanne, for letting me know this was an Alamo reference and not a pirate flag, as we originally thought.

Shout out to my Texas-based cousin, Leanne, for letting me know this was an Alamo reference and not a pirate flag, as we originally thought.

9. Whataburger is king.

They even sell Whataburger ketchup in grocery stores, and I’m pretty sure it does better than Heinz. As a former Pittsburgh resident, this is heartbreaking.

And as a vegetarian, I have a feeling this is one of the Texas trends I won’t be embracing.

10. Downtown San Antonio is pretty. 🙂

View of the Tower of the Americas from HemisFair Park

View of the Tower of the Americas from HemisFair Park

La antorcha de la amistad (Torch of Friendship)

La antorcha de la amistad (Torch of Friendship)

I actually live in Mexico.

I actually live in Mexico.

Welcome to my life.

– Alexa

Life Announcement: Moving South

It’s been a whirlwind semester.

Actually, it’s been a pretty crazy month, mostly.

No, I’ll be honest… this past week has been ridiculous.

It’s finals week, which is all fine and dandy. On top of all the projects and huge papers (hey, 15-page honors psych paper… Who signed me up for that?), I was given my location options for my job. Oh, wait. I never actually told you about the job offer I accepted? Huh. Here’s a hint.

If only the offer had come in this form.

If only the offer had come in this form.

You’re reading words written by a future sales rep for the Hershey Company. As I’ve been telling people who know of my addiction, my lifetime dedication to chocolate is finally paying off! Literally.

So back to location options.

I had been telling all of my (many, many) Hershey interviewers that I really wanted to stay in Pittsburgh for these first couple of years after college. I kept my fingers crossed, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Imagine a map of the United States that was used as a dartboard on a Saturday night at a dive bar in a college town, and you pretty much have what my options looked like. ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. I had some thinking and narrowing down to do. Welcome to the past week of my life.

This brings me to the next announcement because I figured it out! Come June, I’ll be moving to…


Can’t tell? Hold on. I’ll zoom out.


Yes, that’s Texas. I am not only a future employed person but also a future San Antonian. My mom ventured around Texas in her 20s, so I guess it’s my turn, huh?!

Even so, I have close to no idea what I’m getting into, so if anyone knows people in the area or has suggestions of where to live, what to do, how to not look like a totally clueless out-of-towner, etc., I would much appreciate it.

Also, come visit me!

– Alexa

The Side Effects of Cabin Fever

Saturday was one of those days when I literally locked myself in my room and forced myself to study. As a result of very, very little human contact yesterday, this happened:

Four words. All day. Is it sad that I’m almost proud of that achievement?

OH, I almost forgot! During one of my (many) study breaks that day I watched an episode of Mankind. Tori, who I don’t even have to link to since we talk about her so much <3, has practically live-tweeted the past few episodes and it seemed awesome. So I took a look, and you can too here if you’re a history nerd like us 😀

Anyways, I woke up today (Sunday) with a huge cloud over my head: cabin fever. I had to get out. Now. No more studying at home. I looked outside just as it started to pour, so that immediately made me want to get back under the covers, but no. I wouldn’t.

My roommate Cara and I finally decided to do something I haven’t done since I was in Argentina: study in a coffee shop. OMGIKNOW, but it’s a scary world out there, man.

Proof I was there.

Obligatory Instagram of my Starbucks cup

So we ventured over to the nearest (crowded) Starbucks, grabbed some hot chocolate, and popped down to do homework people watch. I almost forgot how much fun people-watching was. We had a prime location: bar stools right in front of a window looking out over an intersection.

Some observations:

  • a LOT of people got their Christmas trees today
  • you really shouldn’t wear reindeer antler headbands in public
  • hey, I know her! *wave*
  • that guy in the red hat is suuuper cute
  • do people actually meet other people in coffee shops? I wish that would happen to me. I’d make my life so much easier
  • they need a fireplace in here
  • oh, look at those cute rain boots!
  • you don’t get much studying done when you’re staring out a window

So that was my day. I hope you all had a nice weekend! Happy December!!


(And yes, one of the side effects of cabin fever is weird blog posts like this one. I’m going to click Publish before I have a chance to talk myself out of it)

What I’m Thankful For


Abi has written some semi-sappy, random-thought posts in the recent past, so I figured that now it’s my turn. Yesterday being the day that most Americans took a second to really contemplate what they’re thankful for, I did just that, and (as usual) I wanted to share it with you.


They’re the only ones you can always count on, right? I don’t get to see mine too often since I’m usually at school or traveling, but I always get a welcomed reminder that they’re there and looking out for me whenever I come back.

Mama V and I at this year’s Thanksgiving festivities

Old Friends

Not unlike my family, I know my friends from home will always be the people I can count on the most. The fact that they’ve seen me go through all of the various weird phases I went through in junior high and high school and still want to hang out with me when I’m in town definitely means something. It’s funny to think about what we were like when we met in 7th grade compared to how we are now. Honestly, if we had been introduced to each other since starting college, I don’t think we’d be great friends, but that’s how I know that I’m so lucky to have grabbed them when I did!

Embarrassment circa 2005

Ehhh.. Still about the same 🙂

We went through first tattoos together (first a lot of things, actually) – That’s for real. 🙂

New Friends

Being in college has given me the chance to meet some of the most amazing people I have met in my life. I sure hope that they’ll stick around in some way after we all graduate because I kind of like them a whole lot.

This girl’s put up with me for almost 4 whole years!

Oh, this kid, too!

We (fittingly) look absolutely ridiculous here – it was Halloween, ok? – but I luh-luh-love my fellow international business nerds ❤

Apparently, we only take pictures on Halloween.

Travel! (Obviously)

This is probably the most expected answer. This blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the amazing opportunities that Abi, Maddy, and I have been given. Honestly, if I could go back in time to tell College Freshman Alexa about the places I’ve lived and the things I’ve done, she’d tell me I was insane. The experiences from the past 3ish years have opened my mind to all that’s left to explore out there. I couldn’t have asked to spend it with greater people, either.

Where it all began: Chile, 2010!

Roommates in Argentina, 2011

Foreign-kid friends in Pittsburgh

Fun people in Madrid, 2012

What’s to Come

If all this has happened already, I know that whatever the future holds is going to be freaking AWESOME (for lack of a better description).

What are you most thankful for this year?

– Alexa