Tea at the Frick

DSC_0069I’m in this weird do-I-stay, do-I-go limbo. Most of my friends have left Pittsburgh for bigger and better places (most recently, our BFF Robby up and moved to Seattle, and my roomie Steph is camped out in Chicago for the next four years) and I’m still…here. I love it here, but I want to leave. I want to leave, but since I’ve never left (except that one time I went to Argentina for 5 months, but there was a specific end date to that, so I’m not going to count that one) I’m overwhelmed with this feeling of terror and “how will I survive outside of Pittsburgh?!”. Everyone I know who has left is surviving perfectly fine in their new cities, however it still doesn’t help shake the feeling that I’m going to be that one person who absolutely hates their new city/job/life. My main concern is the matter of finding the “right time” (which, I’m told, doesn’t exist. It’s like what they always say about having a kid, but people do that all the time!) and the right job and the right place.

I’ll let you all know when I figure out what I need to figure out. For now I’m about 75% content with living at home, being harassed by my new kitten, saving money for those loans that start in, oh, 105 days, and enjoying my current job, which I am very fortunate to even have.

I just needed to share what’s on my mind and hopefully learn that some of you are going through/have been through the same thing. It’s not fun, but the prospect of an exciting future has never left anyone empty-handed in the long run. And hey, I can always come back and start again, right?

Now, on to what this post is actually about…I DRANK TEA!


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of those people who hate tea. Sucks, I know, with all the soothing remedies it has and the fact that it is a staple in the UK and I’m an anglophile. The first time I drank tea in a long time was a few short weeks ago at the Frick … Cafe or something. Tea house, maybe? Who knows. It’s not important. The important thing is ELLEN AND MARGOT WERE THERE! You don’t remember Ellen and Margot? Well that’s probably because Alexa and I were too stupid to get a picture of them when we were staying in their lovely house in England! Aaaand I didn’t get a picture of them when I saw them at the Frick either because I’m apparently incapable of taking a single picture of people (that’s what Alexa’s for! Except Alexa wasn’t there so there really isn’t a picture of all of us. Sorry I suck.)

I drove across town to meet up with Ellen and Margot, who were staying with Lisa (Ellen’s sister and my mother’s very good friend, hence the connection between us and them). We had a lovely time catching up, meeting some of Lisa and Ellen’s oldest friends, talking about their glory days at Pitt (and the pranks they pulled), and then snapping some pictures around the Frick with Margot. Here’s a little bit of what we saw:


Apparently it’s called “The Cafe at the Frick.” There we go!










Mini Phipps is mini





World’s smallest watermelon!



It was so great to see them again and so unfortunate that Alexa had decided to move across the country and miss this shindig. I can say, however, that one more afternoon with some Brits did not convert me to a tea lover. It still tastes like watery herbs (oh wait…)

Have a good weekend!