10 Reasons Why We Need Argentina

With less than a month before we depart for Buenos Aires, we thought we’d ride the new year’s theme of self-improvement. It’s a new year bringing us a new experience, and that calls for some “resolutions” of sorts. Here are our personal goals to be addressed, and hopefully accomplished, within the next six months.


1. Improve Spanish skills
My main goal of this trip is to be fluent once I leave. Currently, I am sometimes too scared to begin a conversation in Spanish for fear of messing up. This is totally stupid and needs to change.
2. Try new foods
I am one of the pickiest eaters ever. This also needs to change. My goal is to try at least two new food items per week.
3. Be more adventurous
As if moving across the globe isn’t enough, I want to branch out, try new and exciting activities, and meet as many people as possible!
4. Stay in touch with friends from the US
I am pretty bad at staying in touch with people, but I hope this blog will help out a little!
5. Stay in touch with new friends once I return home
See #4.
6. Enjoy life!
No waiting tables for 6 months? Yes, please!


1. Become fluent in Spanish
I want to practically forget how to speak English.
2. Take the right risks
Being cautious isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes over-thinking a situation has held me back from a great opportunity. This will happen no more!
3. Appreciate the small things
Rushing through life – it could be a North American trait or maybe the habit of a college student. Either way, I want to learn how to slow down and notice the more subtle beauties around me. What better place than in a country that appreciates each meal for almost two hours!
4. Find my place in the world
This should be taken both literally and figuratively. Yes, I expect to learn a lot about myself, but I also tend to have no idea where I am on a map. It’s my hope that I can make some improvements in regard to that issue.

** If you’re a big fan of lists (like we obviously are), make sure to look at our Argentine Bucket List! We’d love to hear your ideas for list items we could add.

-Abi & Alexa