MVM: Say Something

This song really has nothing to do with anything in particular, but it’s been stuck in my head for days and I also kind of love it. And I may have grown up during her Genie in a Bottle years, but this song always reminds me how truly talented Christina Aguilera is. That’s right, I’m Team Xtina, baby!

– Maddy

Update: So it turns out that my whole creeper eye thing (actually called 6th nerve palsy) will likely need surgical correction. Awesome. I can only hope that I’m able to get in with the strabismus team (surgery team) with enough time to schedule surgery and heal before Pitt in August – fingers crossed!
I also learned that I may never be able to wean off steroids… I have a 3 month plan to titrate (periodically lower) my dosage, but that may not work. Oh well, what’s 1 pill that I still have to take? I’m getting rid of many, so I could deal with 1 sticking around.


MVM: Lorde

Pardon the break from the Euro posts, but I found this pretty cool song on Spotify this morning while unpacking all my belongings from my apartment and whoa it happens to be Monday so here I am. This is by a 16-year-old New Zealander, Lorde. It’s a beautiful song so have a listen!

The top YouTube comment on this video had a super fun fact that could be totally false but I thought I’d share:

She got the title Royals from a poster on her wall of a Royals baseball player signing baseballs. And the song developed from her joking with her friends that all the music they listen to is completely irrelevant to their lifestyles, like hip hop and Lana Del Ray.

This makes the video a lot more of an interesting juxtaposition if this is actually the real reason behind the lyrics. Basically, being a teenager is pretty boring compared to what songs say life is like. Anyways, happy Monday!


MVM : Tejano Sound Band – “Cierra Los Ojos”

Since Abi and Alexa have their hands full posting about their trip, I figured I would try to pick up MVM. As I am a highly unreliable blogger, it’s music video martes, instead of music video Monday, but a lot of thought went into this choice, as I’ll explain.

Since I have nothing better to do, I started looking up some information on the Texas music scene, San Antonio in particular since that’s where our little Alexa is. According to Wikipedia (the most reliable source there is, clearly), San Antonio is mostly known for tejano music and heavy metal. I figured that the last two hard rock MVMs were surprising enough, so I started investigating tejano music.

Most of the music that I encountered was what I might call Mexican folk – almost polka-like with all the accordion. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I did stumble upon this song, which I like better, but admittedly still don’t love.

Anyway, looks like Alexa might have to either figure out her heavy metal headbanging or her accordion dancing. Sounds exciting!

– Maddy

MVM: Wayland – Sobrevivir

So after seeing Wayland live (yeah!), I can verify that they are definitely not the same Wayland as the Spanish album I found…. Oh well, I like them both 🙂 I did find a video of one of the Spanish songs, so here it is – now you can enjoy hard rock in English or Spanish, or both!

– Maddy

MVM: Wayland

I had promised myself that I was going to blog more since Alexa and Abi are busy seeing the sites in Europe and I’m doing pretty much nothing, but let’s face it: I’ve never been a very reliable blogger.
Anyway, you may or may not know that my hometown, Madison, WI holds a Brat Fest every year over Memorial Day weekend; this fest almost always sets the world record for brats sold (beating their record from the previous year). They also offer veggie brats, so I can join in on all the excitement too! I was looking at the schedule for this year’s fest, and realized that a band I recently discovered and quite like is going to be performing! I figured I should look at a little more of their music before seeing them live, and in doing so I found out that a lot of their songs are in Spanish (unless there is a Spanish band with the same name, which is probable – this Wayland is from MI, so it seems unlikely that they have an almost entirely Spanish album)! Even if they are different, I like both. I figured I’d share one of their Spanish songs with all of you, but couldn’t find a video for one, so here’s one of their songs in English (as I’ve mentioned, they are probably two separate bands, I couldn’t find out online, but I’ll still share an English song):

Note: I found the Spanish songs on Spotify (an awesome app that everyone should have), so if you’d like to hear one (and you should), you can download Spotify 🙂


Update: I found one site that makes me believe they may actually be the same band after all, but I’m still not sure about anything… hopefully I’ll figure it out when I see them live!

MVM: Rizzle Kicks

After seeing these guys open for Ed Sheeran last week they are seriously all I have been listening to. Their music videos definitely show off their hip-hop chops and songwriting ability, but they lack the energy that their live performance had. Nevertheless, I can now call myself a Rizzle Kicks fan (goes along with my British obsession quite well, I might add) and I highly recommend checking out their album Stereo Typical. Below is Traveller’s Chant, but some of my other favorites are When I Was A Youngster, Mama Do The Hump, Dreamers, Trouble, and Down With The Trumpets!

And an acoustic version, because who doesn’t love a good one-take acoustic performance?: