Stuff I Like: Volume Three

It’s that time again – time for my roundup of everything internet-y that I’ve been loving lately!

Summer Lovin

  • Bloglovin’ – I usually go through ups and downs when it comes to keeping up with my favorite blogs. Sometimes you get a little behind and then it takes you weeks to get back into the swing of things. I’ve recently found some new, amazing blogs and I found Bloglovin, which helps you keep track of all those blogs. It’s pretty easy to sign up and you just search for any blog then they come up in a News Feed style layout. So convenient! Some of the newest blog additions to my Bloglovin reading list:
      • 20-Nothings – A fellow blog-writer and Argentina study abroad-er, Emma, linked to a post on 20-Nothings on Twitter and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s about a (now) early 30-something and she talks about everything from relationships to work to how to move across the country. I’ve decided to start reading from September 2010 (when the author moved from NYC to LA) so I can’t actually give you any information on what is going on currently. However, it’s very well-written and anyone our age will love it (perhaps as instantly as I did!)
    • Apartment Therapy – If you read my last post, you’ll know that I do not have an apartment, but this site make me want one really really bad. They post a lot and it’s everything from furnishing tips to (my personal favorite) How Much Does It Really Cost To Live In <insert expensive city here>.
  • Podcasts! I’ve mentioned my newfound love for podcasts in the past, but you guys. Seriously. If you have a desk job (or a job with a bunch of alone time in your car *cough Alexa cough* , download the Podcasts app onto your phone/tablet/what have you. It makes doing boring work a bit more interesting.
    • Nerdist – Still one of my favorites, so I thought I’d mention it again because I recently got Alexa addicted as well! If we both love it then I think you will too. (Check out the SDCC 2013 podcast with Matt Smith from Doctor Who if you want to laugh for an hour and a half straight.) And they just added an Alton Brown (from the Food Network) podcast to their network, so if you loved Good Eats then check this out.
    • AfterBuzz TV – This podcast (or podcasts, I should say) is very interesting and pretty innovative to me. It’s like the Grantland Hollywood Prospectus podcast (where Chris and Ryan talk about TV shows, movies, industry news, etc.) but these are podcast channels dedicated to specific shows. I’m currently subscribed to The Newsroom, Suits, and Graceland podcasts and they’re great if you watch a show that none of your friends watch and want to hear people talk about/analyze it.
    • Also, this Buzzfeed list (also recommended by Emma) should help you add a little variety to your Podcasts app.
  • Lorde – You may remember Lorde from a recent MVM, but I’ve listened to the rest of her EP The Love Club and you really should too. On top of Royals, her other songs Bravado, The Love Club, and Million Dollar Bills are some definite future hits. Here, I’ll make the effort just that much easier for you:
  • Tech sites – I recently signed up for a bunch of email newsletters at my work email address (newsletters are great because it looks like you’re reading a very important email when you’re reading about behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry*) and found some great sites! (*use newsletters responsibly)
    • Fast Company – a link to Fast Company popped up in my Harvard Business Review newsletter and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing sites (they know how to format, man) and they write about anything from business, innovation, social media, to design. I’m also reading their eBook Hacking Hollywood and I think you should too if you A) like pop culture and B) watch as much TV as I do.
    • GigaOM – This was a blog that was recommended to me by a coworker when we were discussing Fast Company. It’s definitely a great blog if you are into anything tech and social media-related (and are tired of Gizmodo).
  • Olly! I know I said earlier that these were my internet-y favorites of the summer, but I got a kitten and haven’t shown you guys yet! She is named Olly, but responds to Smalls, Smoliver, and Little Dummy and she is the coolest cat you’ll ever meet. Follow me on Instagram if you want to be bombarded with cat pictures 😉


Those are all the things I’ve been occupying myself with since starting work full-time. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment or tweet at me! Fall TV season is coming up (a.k.a. the greatest season of the year) so I’m sure I’ll give you guys an update on my favorite TV shows (spoiler alert: it’s Homeland. Homeland wins all the prizes.)