Walk in the Park

New camera = new projects!

After a photography-filled day last month, I finally decided to splurge and get that new DSLR I’ve been wanting for years. My trusty Nikon D40 has been a staple in my travel bag since 2008 but it was lacking the video abilities I’d been craving. So, on to newer and fancier things! I bought a refurbished Canon t3i (600D) and had a little test of the video setting a few weeks back. This is what happened (in HD, if you please):

Sooo yeah, there will definitely be more to come in the future, but I’m pretty proud of my first attempt. I’m hitting up NYC and Seattle in the coming months so we’ll have to see what videos those cities have in store!


P.S. I also took this picture, which is in the running for my favorite picture ever!



Oh, Hello There!

Well don’t I just suck at blogging…

I just now (literally, like 5 minutes ago) told Alexa of my plan to get back into the blogging game, so here goes! I fell out of blogging (is that even a phrase?) after we got back from Argentina because my life seemed so much more interesting while living there and so much more boring after getting home. After spending this afternoon going through the hours of video I took of us girls on our trip, it really made me want to start blogging again, even if it is going to be about seemingly mundane things. I mean, not all of our posts while we were living on the other side of the world were the most thrilling tales of our lives, so why should I only write about the crazy things that happen to me in the States (which, let’s be honest, don’t happen very often.) I figure, why not make the little, everyday things a little more special and memorable by writing about them!

I’ll start myself off easy and give you guys a little look at random things I’ve been loving recently. Spoiler alert: I’m kind of British-obsessed.


Ed Sheeran. If you love anything that is anything, you’ll love Ed Sheeran. He is such an incredible singer, amazing live, and just the perfect sound that I love to listen to when I need to relax, or jam, or dance, or…anything really. I make it work.

My favorite: Kiss Me (it was definitely my song of summer 2012)

Honorable mentions: The entire + CD. But if I had to choose one, Drunk.


Olly Murs. He’s from the British X Factor and is pop-y, but the good kind of pop-y. My favorite: Dance With Me Tonight.

Honorable mentions: Oh My Goodness and This Song is About You


One Direction. I’ve mentioned this little-known boy band before, so I hope linking to their newest song will help them break through and get the recognition they deserve.

Sing along! Let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun, I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love, and never never never stop for anyone, tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young.


I’m notorious for watching waaay too much TV (I’m currently set to watch 11 shows weekly this fall. Eek!) but I’ll stick to the theme and name two of my favorite British shows.

Downton Abbey. If you haven’t heard of this already then you, my friend, aren’t nearly on the internet as much as you should be. Season 3 just started in the UK (US viewers will have to wait until PBS decides to air it — why do they wait so long, anyways?) but if you know how to use Google then you can watch it in the US too!


The Graham Norton Show. I’m a sucker for celebrity interviews, and this is my absolute favorite talk show (it’s so much better than any late night shows in the States). The format is just fantastic – you have the three or so celebrities sitting on one couch, interacting with one another and sharing stories (and promoting, of course). Why this hasn’t been done on any shows I’ve seen in the States is beyond me…

Photo evidence of celebrities sitting on a couch together. Crazy stuff.

Also, check out Sherlock if you haven’t yet.


I’ve also been loving a ton of British YouTubers recently, but nobody ever understands the idea of subscribing to specific people on YouTube and watching all their videos, so I won’t bother you folks with that. (#misunderstood)

Actually, I’ve been loving YouTuber Zoella‘s blog, which has lots of skincare and makeup reviews & videos, but her photography and “everyday blogs”, if you will, are fantastic. And she’s gorgeous.

I’ve been reading all my normal blogs, but one (surprisingly non-British) blog I found recently is Little Reminders of Love. I adore the layout, her quirky, random posts, and the fact that she just moved to Germany so I can see more pictures like this!


I hope I haven’t bored you all too much with this nonsense, but I challenge Alexa to do one of these little random “what I’m loving” blogs as well. Sucker!


EDIT: Good god how could I have forgotten Birdy? Check her out. Serious business right there.