Sites We Love

Our inspiration, wanderlust outlets, news sources … whatever you’d like to call them, they’re absolutely ah-mazing. Read up!

Other Places We Are On the Internet:

  • We all met on a school trip to Chile after our freshmen year at Pitt. Here’s your chance to see our fledgling blogging skills about that trip!
  • Our own YouTube channel, obviously.
  • Downina – Abi’s photography tumblr blog thing yeah
  • Do It While You’re Young – A girl’s guide to travel, studying, working & volunteering abroad
    • An interview.. of us!
    • Alexa’s article about how to stay safe as a girl living in Buenos Aires
  • Go Overseas– A compilation of tons of study, teach, and intern abroad programs with reviews from participants
    • Day in the life of an intern in Spain
    • Alexa’s interview about doing an Intrax internship program in Madrid (under “Alumni Interviews”)

Favorite Travel Sites:

  • …sending postcards – A travelogue by Alex and Mina (aka the cutest couple ever)
  • Air Warrior Foodie International – She’ll eat anything. Anywhere. Really.
  • Study Abroad “Documentary” – a fantastic YouTube video documenting a girl’s study abroad experience in Italy
  • My Beautiful Adventures – A Chinese Medicine Doctor/Travel Writer and Photographer who is exploring life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.
  • Twenty-Something Travel – A 20-something year old who decided the 9-to-5 wasn’t her thing & is showing other people how to put their excuses aside to get out and see the world
  • Freethought Global – Our friend and fellow travel nerd, Robby, has written a guest post or two for us, and finally decided to create his own blog! He provides a fun mixture of all the things we love so much: international travel, business, and good music.

Buenos Aires Specific:

  • Buenos Aires Herald – The local daily newspaper (in English!)
  • BA Stay – For those of you who will be taking a trip to the Paris of South America
  • Cultural Tips – Quick dos & don’ts with some Argentine slang thrown in
  • Argentine Etiquette – An easy list to follow that kept us all from making fools of ourselves
  • Expose BA – This blog provides an endless list of things to do and see in the area!
  • .My.Beautiful.Air. – She’s teaching English in BA and giving us a glimpse into her porteño lifestyle
  • Gringo in Buenos Aires – An expat’s go-to guide for everything BsAs!

Madrid Specific:

Know of a site you think we (or anyone else, really) will love? Leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Sites We Love

  1. Really appreciate the shout-out ladies! Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed catching up on your adventures and seeing your beautiful pictures! Glad to see that you are enjoying Argentina. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link! We love YOUR blog! I guess you knew that already 🙂
      It sounds like you’re staying pretty close to where we’re living, so we’ll be seeing what else you’re up to for some good BsAs adventure ideas.

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