Re-Re-Relocation: Pittsburgh

You’ve followed us from the states, to Argentina, and back; well, now I’ve moved again, and I think I’ll stay a while this time. It feels good to be back in the ‘burgh! It took quite a bit of effort to actually get here, though…

My dad and I woke up nice and early on Tuesday to start heading East. Thankfully, we had packed the rented U-haul the day before.

Why does there need to be a smiling spider on the side of this truck?

It was a little rough saying goodbye to Illinois when I had just barely gotten settled in again. What was even worse was driving away from all of the animals at the farm. Who could leave this sad puppy face behind?!

Over the course of nine hours, we drove through cornfield after cornfield in Illinois and Indiana, ugly city after ugly city in Ohio, which turned into hill after hill in Pennsylvania. Then there was a break in the scenery!

I felt some relief seeing the city that I’ve spent more time in than I have at home for the past two years. Once the moments of glory wore off, I remembered that we were driving with a bunch of heavy things behind us that had to be manually carried into my new apartment. Oh, yeah. Long story short, that part was difficult, sweaty, disappointing (not everything fit down the stairs!), and extremely tiring. My dad and I, along with my roommate, Erin, and her parents, definitely needed a break. We tried thinking of someplace quick that wouldn’t be too disgusted if showed up in the disheveled state we were all in. Aha! Pizza!

Somehow two days have gone by since that first whirlwind of a day, and now my room is somewhat put together. I will now disclose a visual example of what a College Kid’s Room could potentially look like. Especially one that lives in a basement.

Welcome! Erin and I along with a touch of Argentina. (Sign via the Feria de Mataderos)

I'm sorry if Mercutio is offensive. He's kind of feisty, but he protects me at night.

It's a bit of a mess, but everything has a spot, at least!

And now for the most important aspect of the entire room…

Zac Efron/Troy Bolton standing guard over my utility sink

You should probably come visit me right now.

– Alexa


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