California Love

We went to San Diego!


Why, you ask? Well, first I’d ask you, “why not?”, but “Groupon” would be the easiest answer. Thanks to some distracted browsing at work (ON A BREAK, obviously), we were able to stay at places like this…

… and this…

… without breaking our still-humble bank accounts!

Since we’ve been back, I’ve noticed how many other people I know are going to California for one reason or another (answer: A LOT), and I told Abi and Robby, “I think our generation has Cali fever.” I’ll be the first to admit I’m right in there with everyone else. We had a blast on our trip, and now there’s a 5-year plan in place to all get to the Best Coast SOMEHOW. Because of that, I’m going to show you our trip in the form of a daydream for the future that’s on a constant replay in my head, anyway.

DISCLAIMER: I stole a bunch of pictures from Abi & Robby. Nice job with an iPhone camera, guys.

A Day in the Life

GOOD MORNING! Happy Sunday. Ok, I’d be a *little* happier if I wasn’t so tired from going out with Abi and Robby last night, but the concert we went to was AMAZING! When a band like New Politics is going to be at the House of Blues, you go. End of story.

Windows Phone_20140217_009


Windows Phone_20140217_023

Anyway, it’s a freaking gorgeous day out (as usual), so I need to get out of this place. Meeting the kids for breakfast at our favorite place near Mission Beach.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.54.39 AM

Would you like some avocado with that?

That's non-negotiable.

That’s non-negotiable.

ATE. SO. MUCH. Need to walk it off.



We had enough fuel to get us to Pacific Beach. Might as well chill on the pier and watch the surfers, no?

Windows Phone_20140218_022


… and shamelessly document it because YOLICO (you only live in California once?).


Robby and Abi wanted to run down and touch the water – because that never gets old…


… but my attention is getting pulled elsewhere.

Windows Phone_20140216_024

Oh wait, I know them! VOLLEYBALL BREAK.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.11.24 AM

My team managed to win 21-6 without much of a struggle (hey, this is a daydream, remember?). We’re going to head back towards Mission Beach to clean up and get ready to go downtown later tonight.

Everyone's out!

Everyone’s out!

Windows Phone_20140216_026

Don’t mind boat shopping along the way!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.28.08 AM

Ummm… and making a mimosa stop?

Windows Phone_20140216_013

I did my own thing at home for a bit. Started getting ready until I noticed the sun was setting.

Un. Real.

Un. Real.

Once the magic died down, I ran out to hop in my Uber car to get to rooftop happy hour! My driver is a total hippie. His music is super chill, and he’s giving me sandwich shop recommendations, so I can’t complain.

We stopped to grab the other two on the way, and Robby points out that the driver sounds like a Californian.

(That was your cue to go watch that clip because it’s hilarious.)

BOOM. We’ve arrived. Wine, stat. The fried pickles are calling me from my Texas days. Can’t resist.

Windows Phone_20140218_030

After some chats about how awesome college was, how awesome our current lives are, and how Abi sent me a Facebook message a year before we ever met that I apparently never answered (oh wait, that actually happened), we head to a different place to meet up with some friends and hang out.

Some handsy friends*

Some handsy friends*




You know a place is college classy when there’s a machine that makes vodka/Red Bull slushies.


We’ll end it there.

Windows Phone_20140216_027

Takeaway of this story: This needs to be our lives.

– Alexa

Where We Stayed:
Embassy Suites San Diego Bay
Bahia Hotel Resort

Where We Ate/Drank/Played:
House of Blues San Diego
Saltbox – GOOD tapas bar near the House of Blues; tons of sangria options!
Olive Café – really local feel; cool patio
Swell Café – yummy veggie options; super chill
PB Shore Club – college classy (= not classy)
McFadden’s – Irish party bar. I was a little scared.
Pacific Beach AleHouse – So good, we went twice.
Funky Garcia’s – Good, cheap Mexican food. I got SOYRIZO tacos! ❤
Barleymash – bar in the Gaslamp Quarter
Henry’s Pub – Outdoor seating made for great people watching!