The Official Falafel-Off

Some Pitt friends and I started a tradition the semester before Abi, Maddy, and I left for Argentina called Friday Night Dinner (FND, for short). We all get together on Fridays and someone cooks up something new that not everyone has tried before. It was our attempt at being self-sufficient college students, living on our own, and managing to feed ourselves. It’s also a great excuse to catch up with everyone after a busy week of classes and work!

This past week, my friend Wes whipped up some falafel for everyone to try. If you read the comments on our posts, you might have noticed that he challenged the deliciousness of the falafel I tried at Veggie Fest. I can honestly say that he backed up his claims and made an extremely edible dinner. It’s actually a lot easier to make than you’d expect!

He used a mix that you let sit in water for about 30 minutes.

The mixture is rolled into balls and dropped into hot oil so they maintain their round shape.

There were beautifully cut veggies to decorate our pitas!

Final step: assemble and enjoy. As you can see, some do so more than others.

It has yet to be planned, but I’m already excited for this week’s FND! Hopefully it’s a dinner as cultural as this one and the one before it (when we had an Indian curry dish). My turn must be coming up soon. I’ll have to share some Argentine foods! Maybe empanadas with something dulce de leche for dessert?

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “The Official Falafel-Off

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